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Launch of new Ambadnya Pratyaksha

eSaptahik Ambadnya Pratyaksha

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E-weekly Ambadnya Pratyaksha (Hindi) launched !!!

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E-weekly Ambadnya Pratyaksha (Hindi) launched !!!

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Ambadnya Pratyaksha eWeekly

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Blood Donation Camp on 12th April 2009

Hari Om.
An Annual Mega Blood Donation Camp has been organised by Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation alongwith its sister organizations Dilasa Medical Trust and Rehabilitation Center, Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak, Aniruddhas Academy of Disaster Management on Sunday 12th April 2009 from 9AM to 6PM at IES New English High School, Govt Colony, Bandra(E), Mumbai.

Why to donate blood?
1. Blood donation is a unique donation.
2. Our body contains approximately 4.5 – 5 Liters of blood out of which only 300ml blood is withdrawn. Immediately after this our body produces new blood cells and thus the blood gets refreshed. Therefore donating blood helps in stimulating generation of new blood cells.
3. The Annual blood requirement of Mumbai city itself is about 2.5 – 3 Lakhs of bottles. Thus by donating blood we can share this load and serve humanity.

Criteria for Blood Donation:
18yrs to 60yrs (Male / Female)
Weight: more than 45 kg.
Generally the donors are rejected due to lack of hemoglobin in blood. To increase the haemoglobin levels in blood, follow the below mentioned diet:
1. Green Vegetables
2. Sprouts
3. Green peas, pumpkin, tomato
4. Fruits and salads
5. Grains like Corn, wheat, raggy malt, dry-fruits, jaggery
6. Sweets like murabba (Jam), and Khir.
****Avoid Tea

Care to be taken prior to blood donation:
Take a sound sleep at night.
2. Take your regular breakfast/meals
3. Please do not take the medicines like homeopathic/ayurvedic medicines and tablets like crocin, Disprin, Combiflam unless necessary.

Like Every year, this year also, our Sanstha Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation, has organized a grand Blood Donation Camp on Sunday 12th April 2009.

Interested donors can take this golden opportunity by donating their blood without any expectation, as our P. P. Bapu wants only one thing from us i.e.Satya, Prem, Anand.

Date : 12th April 2009
Day : Sunday
Timing : 09:00am to 06:00pm
Venue : New English School,Bandra

For more information contact nearest Upasana Center

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P.P. Bapu, to the uninitiated, is a Sadguru in a league of HIS own, whose call to HIS bhaktas is

I Will Never Forsake You !

What is it then that sets HIM apart from the rest? HE is indeed a SADGURU who defies convention, whose profile is unique; A qualified doctor–MD – Medicine - a gold medallist –a Rheumatologist of repute Born on the most auspicious day of Kartik (Tripurari) Pournima on November 18, 1956 . HIS bhaktas firmly believe that HE is GOD INCARNATE; although P.P. Bapu in HIS most holy work Grantharaj Shrimad Purushartha (Satyasmriti) has proclaimed that “I am not an Avatara of anybody…I am only your friend

What is Ram Rajya ?

Do we Really Know what does it mean

It is said that after 84 lakh births including that of Gods,Demigods,Insects,Animals,Beast gets a Human birth. When the merits preponderate the de-merits one goes to heaven...& when the Demerits Preponderate the merits one goes to Hell... And when both merits and Demerits are equal one gets a Human Birth to find his way to Salvation..God created all types of creatures but was not satisfied so he created a Human Being ..who has knowledge who can think,understand & Love God . The Main Desire of Human is Progeny ,Fame,Wealth and all worldly he gets entangled in the chakra of life ...Only with the help of Sadguru can you attain Salvation through Dharma, Artha,Kama, Moksha.....This can be attained through Dhyan,Bhakti,Yoga and Karma/Seva. Thus in actual sense Ramrajya is killing of the Ravan Within i.e the 10 Heads of Ravan which resides within each one of us.

"Yudh Maza Ram Karnaar Samartha Dattaguru Muladhar
Mi Sainik Wanar Sachar Ravan Marnaar Nishchit

Meaning of 'Aniruddha'

The one whom nobody has stopped coming in the world until now and the one whom nobody can stop is "ANIRUDDHA".

Aniruddha's Mission

To Bring back Ram Rajya in this Kalyug before 2025. When the Adharma Preponderates Dharma Saints Are Born to demolish the Adharma. Following Bhagwan Shri Ram's 14 year exile, whereby he demolishes the evil empire of Lord Ravan, rescues his wife, Sita, and returns triumphantly home to Ayodhya to be crowned the King....My Bapu has also come to bring back RamRajya where
--> Where the mind is without fear and the head is held high,
--> Where knowledge is free,Where the world has not been broken up into fragmentsby narrow domestic walls,
-->Where words come out from the depth of truth,Where timeless striving stretches its arms towards perfection,
--> Where the clean stream of reason has not lost its wayIn the dreary desert sand of dead habit,
-->Where the mind is led forward by theseInto ever-widening thought and action,
-->Into that heaven of Freedom .

Aniruddha's Vision

The Krishna Viver has started to open and all the Black powers have started to open out Aniruddha says if you want to sustain in such time it can only be done through Bhakti , Seva and Daan . He has created innumerous opportunities for Bhaktas to carry out Seva and Bhakti..He also inculcates his teachings every Thursday....By sharing his immaculous Knowledge...and makes the Beej of Bhakti sprout through Satsang....He has come only for Our Benefit...after this there is not Going to be any Avatar for the next 2500 years....So it now depends on us do we need to attain Salvation ...or remain entangled in the Circle of Life ...facing our Bhogas.

Aniruddha's Values

Aniruddha inculcates his values to his Bhaktas through immaculate activities know about them Please go through the BLOG .


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Of the legions of Hindu gods and goddesses whose images adorn the walls of temples, shops and homes, Ganesa is the easiest to recognize. He is the one with the elephant head. Also we know Ganapati is the son of lord shiv and parvati....he is known as vighnaharta...and many more names ...but our knowledge is very limited ........know about Lord Ganapati from P.P.Aniruddha Bapu this Thursday 29th JAN 2009 in Detail..Starts 7:30 PM



This Year Kolhapur Medical Camp organised byShree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation to beheld on 8,9, and 10th Feb 2009 at Pendakhale Village of Kolhapur

Kolhapur Medical Camp is Socio-cultural Activity Undertaken by Shree Aniruddh Upasana Foundation (SAUF). SAUF was incorporated as a charitable organization under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, in April 2005. From the time of its inception, apart from pursuing its principal object of caring out upasana of sadguru shree aniruddh Bapu, SAUF along with its sister organisations such as Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak (SAAP), Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management(AADM), etc. all Of which are registered charitable organisation, has undertaken various socio-cultural activities, with Divine blessings and inspiration of Param pujya Sadguru Aniruddh Bapu.Kohlapur Medical CampFor the Welfare of the people in rural area's medical camps are being conducted. For the past five years, unique mega medical camp is being conducted in a backward area of kolhapur District, covering nearly 200 village. The medical team comprises of physician Ophthalmologists, Dentists, Paediatricians, Gynaecologists, ENT surgeons, Cardiologists, Orthopaedicians and General Practitioners.Although the Camp is held For 1 day, the planning Commences months in advance. Post the cam, regular follow up activity is maintained, leading right up to the time to planning for the next camp. Data of every remote village and villagers covered by the camp is maintained by volunteers to meet the exact requirements of the villagers During the recently conclude 2008 mega medical camp, 16 thousand 300 villagers from 200 villages including 7 thousand 634 school children, benefited from the camp.Major Activities Of the camp
1) Free Medical Check-up of Villagers (including students)
2) Distributing of medicines free of cost, to the villagers and distribution of medicines, tonics,syrups etc. to school going children twice during year.
3) Distribution of used cloths to villagers and two sets of uniforms to school going children. (uniforms prepare under charakha yojana)
4) Distribution of Caps, slippers, sports materials for school children
5) Distribution of hygiene material such as purification liquid, anti-lice lotion, tooth powder, soaps, combs etc.
This Year Kolhapur Medical Camp organised byShree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation to beheld on 8,9, and 10th Feb at Pendakhale Village of Kolhapur .

The Entire setup done for the Medical camp at Pendakhale village of Kolhapur

Clothes donated by the bhaktas under Old is Gold seva..which are distributed to the families of more than 200 villages whose systematic study is carried by the sevakaris of Kolhapur round the year.

Sport items donated to Students of 634 schools which include Stumps,Cricket Bat,VolleyBall,Foot Ball,Skipping Ropes,Cap,Candles and Match Sticks(Under Vidya Prakash Yojna ..which help them study during Night.
Volunteers of the organisation Analyzing the Sports Distribution Material
A Villeger watching the Ongoing Activities carried out at the camp
Truck Filled with Distribution Items moving towards remote Villages
People of the Villages sitting in orderly manner for their turn to get the items distributed by Aniruddha Upasna Trust...Which Include Clothes,Utensils,Comb,Nail Cutter,Chlorine to purify water,Soaps,Washing Powder...etc
Children taking Bapu's Gajar
A Lady from the village taking all the items on behalf of her family
Children dancing on Bapu's Gajar
An old Villager Happy For Receiving a jacket and "Rajai" Under Mayechi Ub activity started by Nandai ..where under these seva bhaktas prepare Rajai from old saris stitching by hand.

An old Villager immediately wearing the distributed Coat.

School Children of Each School with their Hoarding after receiving School Dress prepares from the Sut the Bhatas generate by Doing the Charkha Seva nearly 8000 Dresses were distributed,Also Slippers,Caps,Candles & Matchsticks were distributed to each Student

School children from another school happy on receiving sports material.

All the Villagers along with School Children Having Food Under The ANNAPURNA PRASADAM started by Nandai

Opthelmic Checking ...Free Specs according to their vision Number are distributed to the villagers

And Old Villager Getting his Sight checked
Bhaktas and Sevekaris enjoying the Satsang on the Last Day of the Camp
To Check for More photos Click On the Album above

PRATYAKSHA, the only non-political daily newspaper in India has completed three years of its eventful existence. During this period it has carved out a niche for itself in the minds and hearts of its readers, whose numbers are steadily increasing by the day. What sets PRATYAKSHA apart is that it is a newspaper that had dared to defy the set norms and chart a course of its own, never attempted before by any other daily newspaper, while at the same time being rooted in the traditional journalistic ethics. It is probably the only newspaper in which International news accounts for a lion’s share of the content.
PRATYAKSHA, apart from the daily news, covers features of various genres, including business, finance, sports, vocational guidance, health, personal care, music, history, ancient Indian culture and its relevance in today’s times, and spiritualism. Its readership thus spans the street-smart entrepreneur as much as the spiritually inclined; the finance wizard as much as the teenager on the crossroads of a career, the housewife and last but not the least, the senior citizens who find PRATYAKSHA to be a companion, who talks with them in the ‘language’ they understand and appreciate.
Through it columns, PRATYAKSHA very subtly yet transparently seeks to create an awareness amongst the people as much about their rights as about their responsibilities as citizens of this great country, not only towards self but also towards family, society and humanity at large.
PRATYAKSHA presently has a circulation of about 33,000, with a readership of approximately 1,35,000. Within a span of six months the circulation is expected to reach 40,000.
For us at PRATYAKSHA it is much more than publishing a newspaper – it is a mission – of bringing about a social transformation – of giving value to its readers.

The commercial details of 'PRATYAKSHA' are given below.
Publishers : Lotus Publications Pvt. Ltd.
Edition : Mumbai
Area Of Circulation Mumbai, Thane, Raigad, Ratnagiri, Sindhudurg, Kolhapur, Sangli, Satara, Solapur, Pune, Nasik, Ahmednagar, Aurangabad, Jalgaon, Dhule, Nandurbar, Beed, Jalana, Buldhana, Aakola, Amravati, Washim, Hingoli, Parbhani, Usmanabad, Solapur, Latur, Nanded, Yavatmal, Vardha, Nagpur.
Readership : About one lakh thirty five thousand.
Address- Dainik Pratyaksha Lotus Publication Pvt. Ltd 701, Link Apt, khari Village, S.V. Road Old Khar, Khar (w), Mumbai - 52.
Tel : - 26057051/52



  1. The notebook may please be filled in by the person, in whose name it has been allotted. Every bhakta may, however, on special occasions (eg. Birthdays, weddings, posthumous rites) resolve to fill in a notebook for the benefit of a dear one, in wbich case the notebook may be used accordingly.
  2. Bhaktas may fill in their notebooks in a script and in an ink of their choice. The notebooks may please be in a legible handwriting.
  3. Age may be considered no bar as regards filling in the notebook.
  4. The time period and the place impose no restrictions on the completion of the notebook.
  5. Once completed, the notebook/s may be deposited in any of the branches of the Bank of Ramnaam.
  6. AU transactions of the bank will comply with its (official) mode of operation. The banking year for the Ramnaam Bank will be Aniruddha Pournima to Aniruddha Pournima.


Revealed by Bapu on 1st JAN 2009

Total No. of Accounts - 1 lakh 27 Thousand 776

RAM naam Jaap - 1897 crores 14 Lakhs

SHRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM -118 crores 62 lakhs

KRISHNA - 474 crores 48 Lakhs

DATTAGURU - 237 crores 24 lakhs

JAI JAI ANIRUDDHA HARI - 118 crores 62 lakhs

Bhaktas completing 151 Ram Naam Books - 876

Bhaktas completing 251 Ram Naam Books - 93


Chant Aniruddha, for it is Bapu who relieves us of suffering. Everyintense Bapubhakta does experience this truth. The one, who surrenders unto Shreeaniruddha, also experiences at all times, His love, His grace, His forgiveness and of course His support P.P. Bapu’s (Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi) divine mission of re-establishing the three fundamental principles of the Almighty – Satya (Truth), Prem (Love) and Anand (Joy) was unveiled before the world in the year 1996 and has completed 10 eventful years. Today there are millions of bhaktas of P.P. Bapu spread not only in India but around the globe that transcend all barriers of religion, caste, creed and nationality. With the passage of time, and with so many activities and projects happening around us, all with His grace, the volume of information to be communicated has increased manifold. formed under the leadership and holy guidance of P.P. Samir Dada, seeks to connect all Bapu Bhaktas anywhere in the world to the events and happenings back home thru a NEWSLETTER.
Manasamarthyadata Newsletter
P.P. Bapu, to the uninitiated, is a Sadguru in a league of HIS own, whose callto HIS bhaktas is “YOU AND ME TOGETHER, NOTHING CAN STAND IN THE WAY…EVER”.
What is it then that sets HIM apart from the rest? HE is indeed a SADGURU who defies convention, whose profile is unique; A qualified doctor–MD – Medicine - a gold medallist –a Rheumatologist of repute Born on the most auspicious day of Kartik (Tripurari) Pournima on November 18, 1956 . HIS bhaktas firmly believe that HE is GOD INCARNATE; although P.P. Bapu in HIS most holy work Grantharaj Shrimad Purushartha (Satyasmriti) has proclaimed that “I am not an Avatara of anybody…I am only your friend
A complete family man with wife who is most reverently addressed as Nanda Mata, son Pauras and daughter Shakambari
.The newsletter, which is an initiative of a group of bhaktas of P.P. Bapu, for the benefit of all other Bapu bhaktas, will have the following unique features :
- A comprehensive translation of the Marathi and Hindi pravachan in English and Hindi language - which P.P. Bapu delivers on every Thursday
- Updates on the Aniruddha’s Bank of Ramnaam
- Updates on the various seva initiatives undertaken through the various charitable institutions that propagate the preachings and teachings of P.P. Bapu .
- Announcements of forthcoming events
- Announcements of Thursday notices
- Panchasheel examinations
- Rreporting on important functions such as Guru Pournima, Ram Navami, Aniruddha Pournima etc
If you wish to get this Newsletter, please join this group.

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Socio-cultural Activities undertaken by SHREE ANIRUDDHA UPASANA FOUNDATION

Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation (SAUF) was incorporated as a charitable organization under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, in April 2005. From the time of its inception, apart from pursuing its principal object of carrying out the Upasana of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, SAUF, alongwith its sister organizations such as Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak (SAAP), Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management (AADM), etc., all of which are registered charitable organizations, has undertaken various socio-cultural activities, with the divine blessings and inspiration of Param Poojya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, prominent among which are enumerated herein below:

Under this project, free mid-day meals are provided to children from schools in tribal areas and in municipal schools in rural areas. This is made possible by sponsors I donors who donate rice, wheat, pulses, oil, sugar, etc. Presently, mid-day meals are being provided to nearly 4000 students across 31 different schools in the rural areas by our dedicated volunteers, who themselves cook the food and serve it to the students attending the schools. However, the single largest activity undertaken under the Annapooma Mahaprasadam Project is the Kolhapur Medical Camp (KMC), during which nearly 40,000 people, including nearly 7500 school children are served food in a single day. Ever since the project has been introduced, there has been a marked improvement not only in the health profile ofthe children but also in their attendance, leading to improved grades.

3. Eco - Friendly Ganesh Murti

This unique project involves the making of Lord Ganesh idols from Paper Pulp. These idols are made from shredded paper of 'Ramnaam' notebooks used by the devotees, who write 'Ramnaam' and deposit the notebooks with the sister organization, Aniruddha's Universal Bank of Ramnaam (AUBR). These idols disintegrate easily upon submersion in water, as compared to idols made from plaster­ of-paris, which take significantly longer to disintegrate. A notable aspect is that, paints used are non-toxic, thus contributing significantly to the control over pollution of the environment. The volunteers of SAUF, AUBR and other organizations collectively make these idols for the Ganapati festival every year. In the year 2008, the organization prepared and distributed nearly 3500 Lord Ganesh idols.

4. Blood Donation Camps

A Mega Blood donation camp is organized once a year by the Foundation with the help of its sister organizations. In the last camp held on 4th May 2008, twenty three reputed Blood Banks of major Government and Municipal Hospitals, such as Nair Hospital, KEM Hospital, Tata Memorial Hospital, J.J. Hospital, Cooper Hospital, Bhabha Hospital, to name a few, participated. In all, 2866 bottles of blood were collected. 56 doctors and 37 paramedical personnel also voluntarily participated in this event.
The Foundation also arranges blood donation camps on a regular basis in different areas across Mumbai and Maharashtra. In the year 2007, a total of 68 blood donation camps were organized by the Foundation, collecting 6059 units of blood, Given in the table below are details of units collected in the last four years.
The Government of Maharashtra felicitated the Foundation for its commendable achievement.

5. Aniruddha's Bank For The Blind

As the name suggests, this is a bank, but one that stands apart from the rest. This is a knowledge bank that stores knowledge in the form of Audio Cassettes/CDs for the benefit of the visually challenged. Audio Cassettes/CDs based on the academic curriculum are prepared and given to the visually challenged students of various blind schools and colleges.Curriculum of courses meant for blind adults, viz. physiotherapy, as also technical courses like lathe training are also recorded on cassettes and CDs. The project has been targeted to reach out to the entire country over the next three years, wherein the Cassettes/CDs will be prepared in different languages of the country, depending on the requirement. Volunteers, primarily ladies, record the Cassettes/CDs sitting at home, which gives them an ideal opportunity of balancing home and work, and in the process getting a sense of fulfillment. To date, this project has reached out to the needs of such reputed charitable institutions for the visually challenged, such as 'The Kamala Mehta School for the Blind', 'The Victoria School for the Blind' and the 'National Association for the Blind' (NAB) and is now in the process of connecting with a wider user base. So far, more than 30,000 Cassettes and 3000 CDs have been distributed to various schools and institutions, free of cost, across India and other countries. So far, the curriculum has been recorded on CDs and cassettes in 11 Indian languages, not only for school going students but also for people pursuing post:-graduate and vocational courses.
Till date, nearly 65,000 students have benefited from these recorded audio books. Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation, through its 250 odd centers and thousands of volunteers, has commenced work in co-ordination with Shree Aniruddha Aadesh Pathak and Aniruddha Samarpan Pathak for achieving the ultimate objective of Samartha Bharat - a strong and self reliant India.

6. "Clothing with Charkha" (Charkha Vastra Yojana)

Even today there are many children, not just in villages but also in cities, who do not have enough clothing to cover their bodies. As a result, they abstain from attending school and remain deprived of education. Illiteracy breeds blind faith and wrong traditions, which in turn perpetuates poverty. The "Charkha Yojana" has been specifically implemented to break this vicious circle of poverty and illiteracy. Thousands of followers of Parampoojya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu spin the Amber charkhas for making thread. The hanks produced from threads are collected and converted into cloth.School uniforms of various sizes are stitched from this cloth after proper processing and are distributed, free of cost, among the students, in order to motivate and encourage them to attend school. Till date, 59,085 sets of uniforms have been distributed to 24,544 students. More than 1,43,000 meters of cloth have been prepared under the Charkha Project upto March 2008. Presently, a total of 3871 Amber Charkhas are in operation. The Foundation also conducts special camps at its affiliated centers throughout the year, in which devotees run the "Amber Charkha".

7. "Round the year water, farming and fodder plan ( Barmass pani-sheti-chara yojana - Gogras yojana)"

Under this scheme, people in urban areas, where water is available in abundance, grow "grass" in their houses and in open spaces, just as we do during the "Navaratri Festival". It is possible to have a yield of sugarcane, wheat, rice and maize between 3 to 4 times a year. The grass so collected is sent to farmers in the drought stricken areas to feed their cattle. Till date truckloads of grass has been distributed through our Pune centre in Purandertaluka.

8. "Raddi (used paper) project"

Devotees of P. P. Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu, instead of selling old/used newspapers/magazines/notebooks as scrap, donate the same to the Foundation.These are then converted into such useful articles, as paper bags, which not only go a long way in solving the plastic bag problem but also contribute, in its own small yet significant way, in the conservation of the environment. Further, paper pulp made out of this paper is used to make articles such as Word chart, toys and alphabetical blocks, which are distributed to poor students as an incentive for them to attend school.

9. "Old is Gold"

The Foundation collects used (but not torn) clothes, old utensils, old text books, and blank pages of note books (to convert them in new note books) and old toys (non battery operated) and many more. These articles are properly serviced and then distributed to the families of poor students, in order to encourage them to send their children to school. The clothes and utensils so collected are also distributed amongst the people affected by natural calamities and disasters. The distribution is done in different needy areas all over Maharashtra. Thus far, around 7,84,000 pieces of different types of clothes and around 3,00,000 utensils, have been distributed to more than 2,00,000 needy people. In addition, approximately 55,000 students from 182 schools have been given different articles, including clothing, for their use. Clothes and Utensils were also distributed in flood affected areas across Maharashtra and in Mumbai during the unprecedented and devastating floods of 26t.h July, 2005.

10. "The Warmth of Love Project" (Maayechi Oob Yojana)
Torn clothes or pieces of cloth are collected by devotees and converted into quilts, which are then gifted to needy workers, students, women and old persons. The volunteers, both men and women are imparted training on how to make quilts. So far, 2148 pieces of quilts have been prepared and distributed amongst needy people.

11. "The Light of Knowledge Project (Vidya Prakash Yojana)
Under this program, candles and matchboxes donated by devotees are distributed free of cost to poor students in rural areas, where there is no supply of electricity, thus enabling them to study in candlelight.

12. "Ahilya Sangh Project"
Ahilya is the personification of the misery of the Indian woman; caught between the injustice of society and that of her husband. The Ahilya Sangh has been formed for suitably equipping women with the requisite strength and resolve to counter any exploitation and to face any adversity with fortitude. All the Indian martial arts needed for the self protection of women have been taught to a select batch of 15 volunteers 'free of cost'. These fully trained volunteers are now, in turn, training subsequent batches, each comprising of 80 volunteers. Besides, all women who have been wronged, or are facing a crisis situation in their lives, receive support from the" Ahilya Sangh".Women, who suffer because of the addiction of their husbands, also receive help from Ahilya Sangh. Till date, more than 800 ladies have been trained under the Ahilya Sangh Project. The Ahilya Sangh also undertakes tree plantation projects across Maharashtra. Till date, thousands of trees have been planted across Maharashtra. The Sangh also takes care of the planted trees.

13. "Bharatiya Bhasha Sangam"

Out of all streams of knowledge, the knowledge of language is considered supreme, which is why the Foundation has been carrying out a project of the study of various languages. Each one is expected to learn a language apart from the mother tongue and languages that are already known. A facility to house this activity is being created. Around 1200 volunteers are already studying different Indian languages, apart from their mother tongue which, in time to come, will become the harbinger of national integration in its truest sense.

14. "The Institute of Studies of Five Continents"
An Institute aimed at the study of the five continents, on the lines ofthe Institute of Regional Studies is being formed. The progress and politics of the five continents, scientific and educational progress, cultural progress and regression, all will be a part of the study. The study of the world around us only helps in doing a meaningful self-introspection. This Institute will produce social scientists in order to bring the disparate communities of the world together.

15. Re-immersion of Ganapati Idols, Cleaning of beaches and Cleanliness Drives
Every year, during and after the "Ganpati festival", the Lord Ganesha idols that get washed on to the shore on the day following the day of immersion, are re­immersed into the sea by the volunteers of the Foundation in association with the volunteers of Aniruddha's Academy of Disaster Management.
For the past four years, cleanliness drives have been undertaken at the city's beaches at Girgaum, Dadar, Mahim, Juhu and Versova in Mumbai and also at Kalyan and Ulhasnagar in the suburbs, as well as at the entire shoreline
of Maharashtra. During the 2008 celebrations, thousands of volunteers toiled selflessly to re-immerse approximately 10,000 idols, disposed off 45 truckloads of waste dumped on the beaches during the immersion proceedings. Cleanliness drives are also undertaken on a regular basis at municipal schools, at public places of worship and at an organization for mentally challenged children in Mankhurd, an eastern suburb of Mumbai.

16. Work in Mental Hospitals and Orphanages
Volunteers of the Foundation, in association with volunteers of sister organizations, regularly visit mental asylums at Thane, Pune and Ratnagiri, along with local doctors and attend to patients with varying ailments. Work is also going on in orphanages at Kolhapur and Mumbai, where the inmates are trained in physical fitness and are taught to recite prayers. Those desirous of pursuing their education are given tuitions. Seva is also being performed at the Sion Paraplegic Foundation, wherein the volunteers regularly interact with students suffering from mental depression due to their physical handicap and help them regain their lost confidence.

17. Work in Hospitals
The volunteers of the organization assist the staff ofTATA Memorial Hospital and Nair Hospital in Mumbai, as well as Sasoon Municipal Hospital, Pune, in their day to day work. The scope of work at these hospitals includes:
. Registration of patients in registration department
. Guiding outstation patients by filling their railway forms, assisting them in terms of availing the
available facilities
. Directing patients to various wards
. Arranging for medicines for the patients
. Assisting in the process for admitting a patient in a ward
. Helping boost the morale of patients during the phase when they have to undergo radiation/chemo therapy. At the Nair hospital, volunteers accompany lonely patients and provide moral support.
. Cleanliness programs are undertaken at Municipal and Government hospitals, where the entire hospital premises, including stairs, toilets, wards, corridors etc. are thoroughly dusted, scrubbed, washed and cleaned.

18. Mobile Medication Facilities
Through this project, SAUF and other organizations, with the help of trained doctors, offer free medical aid the poor and under-privileged in Mumbai. The mobile medical van tours various slum areas in Mumbai every week providing free medical checkup and distributing free medicines, wherever essential. The mobile medical van covers areas of Worli Naka and Jijamata Nagar every Monday and Thursday, and areas of Mahim, every Tuesday and Friday. Teams oftrained doctors, who are volunteers of the Foundation, make themselves available on a rotation basis.The Mobile Medical camp is also carried out outside Mumbai, in the under-privileged areas of Virar. Mobile medication facilities, alongwith cleanliness drives, are carried out at around 9 schools at remote places in Virar, once every 3 months. Volunteers of SAUF clean the surroundings and school areas and medical aid is given to the needy children by trained doctors of the Foundation.

19. Work in Institutions for the Blind
The Social Services wing ofthe Foundation regularly carries out seva for blind children at the following 4 institutions:
1. National Association for Blind (NAB) ­
Seva is carried out under two heads
a. Rehabilitation Department - Volunteers assist the children in English speaking, in preparing for various competitions and sports, and teach them cookery skills.
b. Providing Readers and Writers - every year 20-25 volunteers offer seva as readers and writers for blind children. The readers help them read and understand various topics from their syllabus, while the writers help the children in writing exam papers.
2. Smt. Kamala Mehta School for the Blind (Dadar)­
At this school which is exclusively for blind girls, volunteers help students from the1 st Std to the 7th Std in their day-to­day studies. The girls are also taught cookery. Doctors, who are volunteers of the Foundation, are present at the time of medical check-up ofthe students.
3. Victoria Memorial School for the Blind ­
Volunteers help students from the1st Std to the10th Std in their day-to-day studies. Volunteers also help students to learn vocational subjects such as handicrafts, etc. Doctors, who are volunteers of the Foundation, are present at the time of medical check-up of the students.
4. Nirmala Niketan College of Social Work ­
Volunteers offer seva as writers for the blind students.

20. De-addiction centers

Daily sessions are conducted between 6.30 p.m. and 8.30 p.m. at various centers in the presence of volunteers of the organization and trained doctors. A combination of spiritual and medical therapy is used for the treatment. There is chanting of prayers and meditation on Lord Hanuman, after which the patients are checked and administered the necessary medicines. The prayer and meditation gives mental strength and fortitude to those who seek de­addiction. Till date, approximately 2750 people have benefited from the de-addiction programme and almost 70% (1950 people) have been completely cured. Currently, the de-addiction programme is being conducted at 26 Upasana Centers in Mumbai and all over Maharashtra.

21. Aatmabal Program for Women
Although our nation has been making steady economic progress, the state of the average Indian wo, who is the backbone ofthe family, does not seem to have improved appreciably. Keeping this in view, we are encouraged to attend classes, wherein they are imparted training in the day-to-day requirements and a positive mindset is nurtured.
This free training program of 6 months encompasses a variety of innovative activities to make women self sufficient in the daily affairs of their respective lives. The training includes learning to handle bank transactions, cultivating and improving speaking skills in the English language, knitting, craft, beauty care, dramatics, dance and also other domestic activities such as changing of gas cylinders, small electrical solutions, etc. The main objective of these classes is to develop and enhance the self-confidence of women and make them bold enough to face any adversity & setback in their lives.

22. Training in Ancient Indian Martial Arts - 'Bala Vidya'
(Bala = Strength and Power together)
Param Poojya S~dguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu is himself an exponent of the ancient Indian Martial Arts (Bala Vidya) such as Mudgal Vidya, Ashva Vidya, Suryabhedan Vidya and Yashwanti Malia Vidya, to name a few.
Param poojya Bapu believes that the energy acquired through these Vidyas can bring about major positive changes in the world. During ancient times, India was known and valued for its physical and mental health, to which the comprehensive study and judicious practice of these Vidyas made a significant contribution.
With the purpose of bringing back the bygone golden era and to make his devotees strong and self-reliant, Param Poojya Bapu has personally trained the Pratham Acharya in these ancient martial arts. The Pratham Acharya now trains subsequent batches of dedicated volunteers.

23. Free Summer Camp for Children: - DhangadDhinga

To nurture the potential and to explore the hidden talent of children, a fifteen day summer vacation camp by the name 'DhangadDhinga' is organized every year by the Foundation in collaboration with Sai Samartha Vidnyan Prabodhini. Children between the ages of 8 and 12 years are given 15 days practical training, keeping in view the overall development of their personality, that is commensurate with their age. In this camp, through free interaction and a playful atmosphere, children are encouraged to develop a positive and healthy attitude and to inculcate self discipline in them.

24. Shree Sai Sachcharit Panchasheel Examination

These examinations, conducted by the Foundation in collaboration with Sai Samarth Vidnyan Prabodhini are based on the "Shree Sai Sachcharit" - a compilation of the life and teachings of Shree Sai Baba by Shree Govind Raghunath Dabholkar - Hemadpant. The examination intends to instill human values and propagate the path of "Bhakti" to the public at large and to future generations in particular. Half yearly examinations, based on this spiritual text are conducted free of cost. People of different age groups and from different walks of life appear for this examination. Till date more than 1 lakh people have appeared for the examinations, which has five levels. These examination papers can be answered in Marathi, Hindi, English, Gujarati, Telugu, Kannada, Tamil, Malayalam, Oriya, Bengali, Punjabi and German languages.
Recently, the examination format was revised to bring it on the lines of an Open University concept, under which participants can write their examinations sitting at home and send their answer papers either by post or even via internet.
which, in turn, gives a tremendous boost to their self confidence.